Building Trust, Provenance and Safety of Food Products through Blockchain

Digital supply chain for small entrepreneurs, MSMEs, farmers and artisans

B2B, B2C and hyperlocal trading solutions

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Blockchain Solutions

Scale up to develop a complete state of the art solution

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Our SaaS Products

Traceability Solutions

  • Provenance and Trustworthiness
  • Food Safety through tracking certifications and standards
  • Ensuring Compliances by tracking stages of process
  • Detect Fake product by scanning and viewing the data for each product
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B2B & B2C Digitization

  • Easy web and mobile stores to bring products online
  • Multiple payments options
  • Sharing Products & Offers in Social Media
  • Dashboard with analytics and granular data
  • Automatic Invoice and receipts generation
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Supply Chain Solutions

  • Track and Trace of product journey
  • Configure your own Supply Chain team
  • Digital Certification of products bringing transparency
  • Online market integration
  • Product storyline, Social media publishing
  • Blockchain Technology
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Digital Certification

  • Reliable and secure tool to view and share certificates
  • QR code embedded certificates for easy viewing
  • Powered by Blockchain
  • Track renewal, upgradation without dispute
  • Digital repository for certificates
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