Track and Trace solutions

Robust traceability solutions help to track products, identify weak links, authenticate products and track products carbon foot print.
Get connected to the customers with Provenance data, product storyline and digital audits
QR code tracking – Track real time status of the product in supply chain
Give competitive edge with product trustworthiness. Avoids expired foods, false claims, mislabelling, and grey markets. Helps product tracing and product recalls.

Digital Farm Management

A platform to enable farmers to capture and share information through permissioned blockchain to other actors of supply chain to prove provenance, traceability and trustworthiness
Pre and post-harvest farm management thru Geo-mapping of farm locations, assigning tasks, monitoring crop activity, tracking raw material source
Comprehensive product traceability with blockchain enabled QR code for each lot
Dashboard with intelligent data insights, SDG tracking and price predictions

Digital Certification

Digital certificates for product validity, quality results, source in secured private blockchain
QR code for each certificate makes it easy to view and validate.
Blockchain enable certificates are permanent, transparent and secure mitigating frauds. Each update is added as a Block in the Chain
Integrated digital certification with all actors of the supply chain making it easy to validate and access by the different actors

Online Market Place

Brings transparency in every product transacted. Each transaction is recorded in a shared ledger that is immutable and brings digital transformation ensuring food safety.
Integrated with back-end product management, stock tracking, order management and sourcing tools
Verified reviews with Blockchain avoids frauds and improves customer trust with the vendor storylines
Seamless integration with other enterprise IT systems through APIs and easy bulk-upload options

Ethical Fashion

With 360 degree data of the suppliers, the platform reduces supply chain risk and ensures sustainability standards are met
Tracks compliance to sustainability standards with facility profiles, certifications and declarations from supplier
Increased visibility to stakeholders by mapping supply chain from raw materials up to production facility levels and distributor levels
Promotes conscious consumerism for customers through transparent traceability of product journey

Digital Supply Chain Solutions


Producer of vegetables & fruits for consumption or processing


Farmer's direct point of contact for prospective buyers of fresh produce


Processor of fruits and vegetables into foods like dehydrated fruits


Fresh produce packed in different configuration for various business needs


B2B transactions between farmers and Retail Units, Restaurants

A comprehensive platform that provides Provenance, Trustworthiness to all the actors through transparent mapping and digital certifications. With 360 data insights it helps to rate the supplier's performance and compliances. Equipped with intelligent data insights like product price prediction and inventory controls, the platform tracks sustainable development goals.