Our Solutions

A wide range of smart contract, blockchain application development consulting services, business model analysis, contract development, implementations and integrations

Our Solutions

White Label Solutions

Workbeans white-label solution offers you exclusive branding reflecting your organizations vision and theme. This is a fully custom solution using private consortium blockchain.

Workbeans platform provides you with integration of work tracking, invoice, payment and vendor management in a single platform. You have a 360 degree tracking from initiation to delivery of a project

Blockchain as a Solution

Workbeans offers Blockchain as a Service that allows our customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps and smart contracts.

The BaaS model allows “outsourcing” blockchain operational work, allowing the customers to focus on their core business activities. We set up and maintain blockchain connected nodes on and handle the complex back-end tasks.

API Integration Solutions

Our APIs will help you connect your products with our Blockchain ledger to record traceability along with its related attributes. You receive the keys to start integrating and receive the complete traceability records to share with your audit teams, customers and partners.

APIs help you get the state-of-the-art architecture in days and not weeks to add to your infrastructure.

Food Safety Solutions

Robust digital traceability system for food products from the farm, processing levels up to the distribution levels for safety and transparency. 360-degree data helps to quickly identify the source of contamination, and manage faster food recalls. Real-time insights help to take immediate corrective measures.

The Digital certification and lot wise QR code tracking eliminates fakes and frauds to ensure food safety.