Track and Trace Solutions

The tracking of a product from raw material stage to consumer stage is called product life cycle management. It’s a strategy to understand where your product is in the supply chain. Some of the most popular customer-tracking products are food items, medications, fresh produce, products moving through the supply chain, or consumer goods. Whether it is toys, electronics, garments, collectibles, or food, it is just not enough for any product to have a unique identifier anymore. Tracking fake and genuine products through traceability solutions is a critical task for all businesses wishing to carry out their business responsibly and protect their brands from counterfeits.

Traceability Solutions enables to capture a product journey through the value chain. During the journey the solution helps introspection, loss, and improvements of the product in the value chain. Workbeans provide unique solution proving Provenance and building Trustworthiness for your products.

Values and Benefits

Major benefits through Blockchain technology


The application helps to track the regular SoPs to be in compliant with the daily operational process. This ensures, the different stages of growth can be captured and audited for compliance.

Trust and Transparency

Brand imaging comes with transparency and trust. The transparent event tracking displays associated products and materials in a product life-cycle. This captures the events in the supply chain that includes dates, locations, involved actors, certifications to provide assurance and compliance.


Track and trace helps digitize the activities that helps to report, track and analyse the data on every data. Any reference links, documents can be digitized to have more assurance and credibility for the customers. This also helps the users track to and act on it.

Brand Promotion

Transparency brings in more trust to the customers, partners and is a key differentiator from the competition. A clear storyline can be of greater impact that promotes the product digitally. This also helps the user to comply with the compliance policies and rules set by the Government.

Make an impact through Transparency

Duplicates and Fraud detection

Fake products are identified through the data displayed through the QR code accessed by the customers. This helps the community to have reliable access to the food product to have a healthy living.

Customer Connects

Customer relationship and insights are very important for customer retention. Analytics, connecting to the customer could help build the product credibility to have a long standing relationship.

QR Code Tracking

QR code based tracking provides the customer to have greater access to the product information, standards, certifications to boost the customer connect and trust. Customer can access the transparency by scanning the QR code of the product.

Food Safety

Food Safety is of paramount importance to the food industry. Track and trace solution can help identify the certification and standards of the food product. Expiry dates, food standard certifications, lot identification are tracked properly to ensure proper food safety standards. Traceability at the granular level, it is easy to identify source of contamination, prevent major out-breaks and helps faster recalls.

The Key Differentiators

SDG Reporting

Workbeans provides solutions to track the carbon foot print. Its 360 degree data identifies weak link in food supply chain which helps to mitigate Food Loss and Waste.

Extensive Track and Trace for Agriculture

Workbeans’ Farm Management product can be integrated with the track and trace solutions providing insights to each and every task, inputs materials involved in agriculure. Geo-mapping for locating farms. It is helpful in Compliance Reporting and waste or food loss management.


Certifications are stored as digital references of the standards embedded to the track and trace solutions. This helps the users to understand the authenticity and improve the trust. Digital certifications bring in additional trust to the whole process.

Integration to third party systems

Information and events are captured at every stage of the entire journey. This helps to complement data capture for process improvements of the existing process along with the information captured by ERPs or any other platforms.