Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions

Food Safety Supply Chain Solutions provides a single view of farm to fork assets, activities and events. It improves efficiency, transparency and traceability of the Food Products.

The movement of food and agricultural products is a complex process that often involves many types of businesses and government agencies, as well as consumers.

Food Safety supply chain is a process of tracking & tracing food products through the entire supply chain, starting at the point of production where raw materials are sourced, through to the point of final consumption by the consumer

A transparent food supply chain is essential for consumer safety. It is also an essential factor to build consumer trust and support for food businesses.

Elements tracked


  • Pre-harvest activites
  • Harvest
  • Pest control
  • Raw Materials


  • Source Information
  • Raw Materials
  • Certification Claims and standards
  • Inventory Management
  • Food Loss reporting

Packing and shipping

  • Audit support
  • Traceability
  • Raw Materials
  • Certification documentations


  • QR code based -Food visibility and Food Safety – Manufacturing date, expiry date, certifications
  • Customer connect
  • Supply Chain compliance
  • Certifications
  • Claims

Added Value

Digital Certification

Ensuring Transparency in certification process  with  Certifier as an actor of the Digital Supply chain. Events and information on Certifications requests, Testing Standards, Test Results, Certificate validity are now transparent across the Supply chain.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain capability of tracking ownership records and tamper-resistance can be used to solve urgent issues such as Food frauds and Safety recalls

Configure teams

Configure your own Supply Chain team. Select your known actors and their facilites to get a desired user chain.