Supply Chain Solutions

The supply chain solutions track the product movement through every actor in the value chain. It provides 360 degree actionable data insights that can be used to improve the company's efficiency, transparency and to detect the weak link in the supply chain.

The Lot wise QR codes tracks the real time status of the product in the supply chain. It eliminates fakes and frauds

How it works: Our product allows all your partners to connect in the supply chain platform. It helps to share and collect vital information about your product. The information can be validated






Added Value

With the integration of digital certification, request and approval of certification are done online. The certificate, being tagged with the product becomes part of the product traceability which builds trust worthiness
With online market place, an added advantage for several actors to reach the unreached market place. The market place is added with features to post special OFFERS and to view REQUIREMENTS
Logistics being part of the supply chain makes traceability more transparent with accurate data on product movements
Multipurpose dashboard helps quick views, actions and updates. The Data analytics is with SDG reporting and Price prediction
Supplier compliance and raw materials tracking