Digitization of B2B and B2C Marketplaces

The Online Market solutions are made for small entrepreneurs, grocery shop owners and individual vendors to set their own online stores. With wide range of product categories and user friendly design it easily accommodates businesses like hyperlocal market, B2B and B2C.

The platform is integrated with back-end product management, stock tracking, order management and sourcing tools.

The platform supports seamless integration with other enterprise IT systems through APIs and easy bulk-upload options.

Main Features

Digital setup of the Vendor on boarding


No more paper tracking. All customer transactions are now recorded digitally. Sales per day, revenue per month are available at your fingertips.

Easy Web and mobile shop setup

You can setup up a digital presence of your shop in minutes. Bring your products online to increase your sales MoM and YoY.

QR code for the shop

Setup the digital shop profile and generate the QR code. Use the QR code to help your customers scan and start purchasing

Payments, Invoice payments and Reports

Payment Integration

Multiple ways of payment that includes, credit, debit, UPI payments comes integrated with the platform by default.

Invoice Management

Invoices and receipts are generated automatically by the platform including GST calculations. All revenues are tracked.


User and vendor dashboards provide key information, such as daily monthly revenue, growth trends from the dashboard. It is multi-lingual

Customer acquisition and Outreach

Social Media Sharing

Product listing and offers can be directly shared to Facebook to increase customer acquisitions.

Daily Reports

The shop owner gets report on their daily revenues categorized by customers, locations.

Stock and Inventory management

Clear communication to the users on product availability.

3 Easy Steps - Get your own online store


  • Personal details
  • Summary of your business
  • Location of your operations

Create products using

  • Product details
  • GST details
  • Discounts

Get connected

  • Share QR code with your customers
  • Post banners, display discounts
  • Start digital transactions